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All courts, save for the Village Court, have a high number of pending cases. The six (6) metropolitan court jurisdictions are identified by a dot . Hover over any district to see data on that district, or dot to see data on that metro court. Click on any district to be taken to a detailed data view of that particular district. The colour coding in each map indicates where each district sits in relation to the national average, or in relation to a national standard. Note: the colours do not provide a score, but indicate if the district sits below, on, or above the mean (measured by standard deviation from the mean) or the national standard. Maps 1 to 3 show the percentage of pending cases in Magistrate, Sessions and Nari-O-Shishu Courts. Map 4 shows the mean number of cases listed for trial on a daily basis in the Magistrates’ Court. The mean caseload per magistrate / judge is shown in map 5. The ratio of judges and magistrates to 100,000 people is shown in map 6. Village Courts (VC) operate at the lowest administrative level in the Union Parishad (UP), map 7 charts the number of VCs ‘activated’ under a UNDP project as of December 2016. A39